African Restaurants

Ayomide Akinshilo / May 6, 2022


The African community in Ireland is growing bigger every year. Being away from a culture an individual grew up in can sometimes be difficult. For Africans moving to Ireland, there is always that urge to eat cuisines they are more familiar with. Many people do not know that Dublin alone has over 20 African restaurants. West African restaurants might make up more than half of all African restaurants in Dublin but there are many other restaurants that serve North, South, and East African dishes. 

A plate of spagetting from Intercontinental food court

If you are a new student in Ireland, chances are you’ve been told about the Intercontinental food court. The restaurant is located on Parnell Street, which is just a walking distance from O’Connell Street. This restaurant serves West African food; jollof rice, efo, draw soup, and more.

 Location: 130, Parnell Street, Dublin

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This restaurant is located in Lucan, one of the major towns populated by the black population in Ireland. This restaurant also serves some West and Central African dishes and makes the popular Heritage agege bread in Ireland. 

Location: St. Edmondsbury, Lucan, Co. Dublin

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Anu’s Kitchen sits in the heart of Tallaght. The restaurant is large enough that it doubles as an event center but don’t let that dissuade you from going in. There dishes are an amazing Afro-Caribbean experience and   Anu’s Kitchen probably has the largest menu of all African restaurants in Dublin. 

Location: Glen Abbey Complex, 3 Belgard Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 


El Bahia has an authentic Moroccan atmosphere due to their decor, music, and many dishes.  This restaurant is truly an experience and has a wonderful variety of mouth watering Moroccan dishes.

Location: 37, Wicklow Street Dublin 2 


This is another Moroccan restaurant established to offer a unique fusion of authentic Moorish-inspired dishes in beautiful Moorish surroundings. Chef Jalal Belmaati and his team cater to the restaurant with a capacity of 150 people. 

Location: 45, Williams Street, Dublin 2

Keshk 8

This Egyptian-inspired restaurant serves food from the Mediterranean, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. The main courses focus on delicately charcoal-grilled meats and fish. There is also a vegetarian option. 

Location: 71, Mespil Road, Dublin 4